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PET Container 1000 ml Hojiblanco-Picual
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend, Hojiblanca and Picual Varieties.

These varieties can be found in other parts of the Iberian Peninsula but none of them has the authentic flavour of this extra virgin olive oil, which is unique due to the soil, climate, and the care of our agricultural workers.

Intense flavour and maximum qualities and benefits for your health. The perfect choice!

Units per box: 15 units


Tasting Notes

The Hojiblanca variety offers a vast range of flavours, although vegetable notes are predominant. It is characterised by sweetness at first taste, a fruity aroma of fresh grass, a slight tartness of green fruit and other fruits that can bring a fruit salad to mind, a slight tang in the throat, and a finish with hints of almonds.

It is an excellent oil to use either raw or for cooking and frying.

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