Periana's Verdial Extra Virgin Olive Oil is given the stamp of excellence

25 November 2017 |

San Isidro Olive Cooperative in Periana achieved very positive results in the 2016-2017 season, with a turnover of nearly 6 million euros, which means it is now classified as a large company. The harvest amounted to 4,976,000 kilos of olives that were turned into more than 1 million kilos of olive oil, extracted from the Verdial, Picual and Hojiblanca varieties. More than half a million kilos of olive oil was produced from the Verdial variety, and once more it achieved the best price for olives in the area, which was €0.95 per kilo. However, it wasn't so much the quantity that made this season stand out, but rather the quality of the Verdial extra virgin olive oil, which was truly excellent. This was confirmed by the different analyses of acidity, as well as by the olive oil production methods, the category of the olive, and the fact that the oil can be consumed when freshly extracted, without having to be refined or undergo industrial processing.

The Cooperative's renovation work has without a doubt been this year's most significant and tangible action. The mill underwent significant expansion work in order to introduce a third decanter line that will improve the production and allow better exploitation of the crop. The work also involved modernising the machinery, including new weighing machines, mixer and two oil decanters, rebuilding the roof covering the outdoor processing machinery, renovating the warehouse, and spectacular exterior changes that mark a milestone in the development of the Cooperative.

The San Isidro Cooperative was able to coordinate the renovation works with its normal day-to-day activities. The president, Francisco Godoy, said “it has been a year of considerable activity for the Cooperative, but despite all the construction and renovation work we have not stopped striving to maintain Verdial extra virgin olive oil as one of the most enviable oils in the province of Malaga. We have also released new business units onto the market, and we are updating the design of our bottles. We continue to promote the brand and image of Periana Olive Oil. All these activities have helped the development of the company, resulting in increased sales and good profit levels. However, above all else this work has been carried out so that all our members may feel proud of their cooperative.”