16 November 2018 |

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We invite you to organize a Tasting among friends.
Once you have chosen the day of your dinner, the following will be prepared:

1- The containers that we use, must show the color and be able to maintain the aromas at the same time that it is necessary that they have enough opening to be able to use our nose without problems.

2- We will use to clean the mouth between tasting and tasting, pieces of green apple, water, etc.

3- If we are going to use samples to compare the aromas, that is, tomatoes, bananas, artichokes, freshly cut grass, etc, it will help you to identify the whole aromatic profile of the Aove.

Once all this is organized, we will go through three phases within the tasting:

1st Visual Phase.
In this phase you can see the color of the oil while attentive to the speed of transfer in the container, which has to do with the untuosidad and density of this. If when moving it around the glass it stays in the glass or on the contrary it returns with the rest of the liquid quickly.

2nd Olfactory Phase.
Here we will take the container with one hand, trying to cover the maximum possible volume with the intention of giving it heat while with the other hand we cover the upper part of the cup, so that nothing escapes our senses ..

When giving heat, part of the minority components volatilize staying inside the cup, and this makes a galaxy of sensations is waiting for the hand that rises as a barrier and our nose comes up for it.

In my case I make several deep inspirations and try to identify smells that I have learned since childhood, there are times when you discover something that is not typified in any manual, but for this we are talking about Hedonist tasting, what really matters is to enjoy, and if there is a nuance that brings you to some positive olfactory memory of your life, congratulations. For this it is important that you close your eyes when you smell it and look for some similarity in your olfactory memories.

In any tasting book you can find all the variety of attributes and their classifications.

3rd Gustatory Phase.
You should take a small sip of oil and leave it in the central part of the mouth.

Then open the two ends of your mouth leaving the tip of the lips together and pass air through these two sides.

Once the oil is mixed with the air, keep it in the mouth tasting it, passing it from one side of the mouth to the other.

Finally, swallow it

In this phase, the attributes that are valued are the texture and taste of the oil, in addition to the way it has to disappear, and if it stays more or less time. This is called the aftertaste.

Make your own hedonistic tasting. Invent the party.