Thousand-year-old Olive Trees

Periana’s fields of thousand-year-old olive trees form groves that include some trees that are between one and two thousand years old. It is a living natural legacy, a spectacularly beautiful landscape formed by veritable natural sculptures adorning our fields.


The route, marked with signs as a local walking path, is of moderate difficulty and was designed so that walkers could see the oldest olive trees. These monumental olive trees have been shaped over time, and were there at the time of the Romans and Arabs. Visitors can let their imaginations run free and see shapes in them, and name them, like clouds in the sky.

The route starts in the northeast part of Periana, in the area of Alta Axarquía, on the way to Zafarraya and Río Seco. Located between the two oldest villages of the municipality, La Muela and Cortijo Blanco, we can find the groves of Verdial variety olive trees that are over a thousand years old.

Periana – La Estación – La Muela – El Mirador de La Muela – La Pedriza – Cortijo Blanco – Fincas de Rafael Molina – Río Seco – El Cantueso – La Estación- San Isidro Olive Cooperative

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