Campaign 2017/2018, first Verdial olive oil

A new Verdial olives collection campaign in Periana. The Cooperativa San Isidro becomes a coming and going of trucks and trailers unloading green verdiales olives, which will give that extra virgin olive oil so internationally recognized, for its flavor and aroma.

Our sweetest olive oil
Pet 1000 ml Hojiblanco-Picual Hojiblanco Picual Olive Oil
A very well-balanced composition of fatty acids
Aceite Periana Ecológico 500 mililitros Specialties
Organic olive oil, Special editions and formats for the hospitality industry
Botella Aceite Verdial El Milenario 250 ml El Milenario Verdial Olive Oil
Savour the olive oil used by Romans and Arabs
aceite periana virgen extra ecologico - olivares ecológicos
San Isidro Olive Cooperative of Periana introduces their Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil

San Isidro Cooperative of Periana has started selling their Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a coupage created with the best hojiblanca, picual and

Ruta olivos milenarios de periana
I Hiking Trail of Millenary Olive Trees of Cooperativa Olivarera San Isidro (Periana) will be present again at FITUR 2018

Through the I Millenary Olive Trees Hiking Trail of Periana, Cooperativa Olivarera San Isidro invites you to the tasting of its El Milenario olive oil, with a “mil

Cooperativa San Isidro
Periana's Verdial Extra Virgin Olive Oil is given the stamp of excellence

San Isidro Olive Cooperative in Periana achieved very positive results in the 2016-2017 season, with a turnover of nearly 6 million euros, which means it is now classified as a l

Asamble General 12nov2016 Coop San Isidro de Periana
San Isidro Olive Cooperative in Periana achieves the best prices for the 2015-2016 season

For San Isidro Olive Cooperative in Periana, the 2015-2016 season was one of the best seasons in recent years, with over 8 million kilograms of olives harvested (about 70% more than last year), pro

Our Olive Oil

Our olive oil is genuine olive juice from the fruits of hundred-year-old olive trees, turned into liquid gold using careful, traditional production procedures.

One of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, it is golden yellow in colour, with an intense aroma and a sweet fruity taste, mild on the palate, and excellent both when used raw as well as in your best cooked and fried dishes.

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Thousand-year-old olive trees

In the Axarquía area

Periana’s fields of thousand-year-old olive trees form groves that include some trees that are more than one thousand years old. It is a living natural legacy, a spectacularly beautiful landscape formed by veritable natural sculptures adorning our fields.

Visit and discover the hiking route of the Millenary and Monumental Olive Trees of Periana.

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